• Rental/lease of workers

    Do you want to manage human resources of your company in a dynamic way? Do you want to adjust your demand for workers and related costs with periods of intensified workloads?   More

  • Recruitment and selection

    In WorkPlus we have always several ideas how to approach a recruitment project because we realise that acquiring a good candidate is a challenge and the same methods are not always appropriate   More

Do you have a company? Are you looking for workers? Our company exists to help you. Leave a message and we will call you.

Rental, lease, recruitment

Fast recruitment of a sufficient number of workers and possible worker exchange in a short time

Zero obligations for the employer

We take over all employer’s obligations: we prepare agreements, pay national insurance, refer to medical examinations.

Smaller losses, greater gains

Smaller losses thanks to worker lease than in the case of direct employment

Recruitment and selection

No financial losses connected with worker recruitment and selection

What can we offer you?

Lease and rental of workers

We recruit, rent and lease workers. Workers have experience in many professions. We minimise formalities for the employer. WorkPlus hires a worker from Ukraine and handles all formalities. Workers of our company are rented to perform the job requested by your company. This is the most comfortable solution for both parties.

Every year, the number of persons that want to work at Polish companies has been increasing. Over a half of them are Ukrainian workers, including educated students and representatives of almost all professions. Many owners of companies have trouble to find relevant candidates for work. Do you have this problem as well? If yes, our company will find a solution for sure!

Recruitment of workers from Ukraine

Finding and maintaining the best employees is a priority of every company. WorkPlus provides the most effective job matching services. The recruitment of workers from Ukraine is mainly based on a detailed verification of candidates’ skills. Anyone that applies for work in Poland is carefully verified in terms of their professional qualifications and skills and the knowledge of languages. We guarantee that our candidate will meet all of your requirements.

Maintaining competitiveness by solving HR problems is an efficient and stable solution. Many workers from Ukraine considers staying in Poland permanently, establishing their families in Poland, etc. This is the guarantee of status quo in the labour market. Cultural and language closeness is an additional argument for workers from Ukraine. All these arguments portend well for successful and long-lasting cooperation with these people.

Benefits related to workers from Ukraine

  • Handling all legal formalities connected with the worker’s employment and stay in Poland,
  • Professional worker recruitment process based on the detailed analysis of labour market needs.
  • Fixed pay for a man-hour.
  • No limitations on contract termination. Contracts may be terminated for convenience.
  • The contract is entered into for an unlimited period with a one-month notice period.
  • A coordinator/translator that introduces a worker in the probation period.
  • A carer’s support during the whole period of cooperation with WorkPlus.
  • A guarantee that a worker will be exchanged if he or she does not meet the employer’s expectations.

Why WorkPlus?

  • In WorkPlus we have always several ideas how to approach a recruitment project because we realise that acquiring a good candidate is a challenge and the same methods are not always appropriate.
  • Our operating philosophy is based on the combination of creative innovativeness and trust between the employer, WorkPlus and workers.
  • Each person is a separate case where we use all our knowledge, professional honesty and transparency of cooperation principles.
  • We respect and comply with regulations and habits applicable in the employer’s country.

WORKPLUS - Recruitment and rental of workers from Ukraine

The employment agency, “WorkPlus”, was established in 2016.
Before commencing our activity in the job matching sector, we took advantage of services of our employment agencies in Poland many times. We noticed that they had some faults in their work organisation. Therefore, we decided to establish our own company. Our mission is to satisfy employers and workers by matching their needs and requirements.
We know that workers who are satisfied with their workplace, pay and relations with the employer work more effectively and constitute a live element of the whole organism of the company.
WorkPlus only deals with legal employment in the territory of Poland. We have 5 recruitment subsidiaries in Ukraine, which let us fulfil our recruitment obligations for our business partners at top quality level.